How much do you charge?
Pricing depends on the job. It also depends on if I need to sketch a design first, or if you provide me with a picture of your idea. It takes time to sketch designs, and time is money. The examples of artwork on my website are a few of the different types of work I am capable of. Basically, If I have a picture of something, I can duplicate it pretty darn close. Please keep in mind, when you do send a picture for me to duplicate (especially people and pets), these pictures need to be CLEAR, as I am not familiar with them as you are. Some estimates for different jobs are as follows:

(Tanks and fenders, etc.) minimum starts at $350. I do not do basic painting of your parts. Therefor, they need to be in good condition before I get them. I only do the artwork on them, then they get taken to get clear coated. Price is for artwork and clear coat only.

$150 minimum on all helmets. This is for artwork and clear coat only. If I need to do a complete paint job (change from the base color that is already on there), minimum starts at $200.

Tailgates and Hoods:
$500 minimum. Again, this is for artwork and clear coat only.

(Jackets, vests, tire covers, etc.) $150 minimum.

Custom cars, trucks, bikes, etc. on light color is $65, on dark is $75. If you want it on both sides, it is $20 extra. I do not stock shirts because everyone has their own preference and size. You can send the shirt along with your photo of your item to be painted. Or if you have an idea for one, just send the information with it.

$150 for 1 subject. For each additional subject add $50. This is for a "bust style" portrait. For full body or more detail, price increases. Done on canvas board or stetched canvas up to 24x36. If you want larger, price increases. I do not mat or frame portraits. If you plan to have it matted, I need to know before the portrait is started, so I know where to place subjects.

Saw Blades and Wood:
I have a supply of some of these items, or you can supply your own. Pricing depends on the condition of your piece for prepping, design, etc. Anywhere from $50 and up.

Depends on location, size and design. Call for estimate.

Shipping and Handling:
Basically, whatever you payed for shipping an item to me, is what you'll pay to have it shipped back. I will pay the insurance on the return shipping.

Shipping Instructions:
When shipping items (parts), make sure they are individually wrapped with cushioning so they do not rub against each other, or ship in separate boxes. I cannot be responsible for damage due to improper packaging. Parts should be clean, and free of oil and gas. Please include all information with your package; name, phone number, and any information regarding instructions on the item(s) commissioned.

Linda's Custom Airbrush
Wausau, WI
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